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The library informs: OBS! På grund av att alla kanske inte kan ta sig till biblioteken i samma utsträckning just nu så utökas antalet böcker du kan låna per kalendermånad till 10.

Audiobooks / Novels

Cover for Endworld: Thief River Falls Run

Endworld: Thief River Falls Run

In what was once America’s heartland dwell the survivors of the nuclear holocaust that annihilated most of civilization, leaving a scorched land filled with roving bands of vicious ...

Cover for Endworld: Twin Cities Run

Endworld: Twin Cities Run

The earth is devastated, left a desolate wasteland of mutant beings and desperate renegades by the final holocaust of World War III. Out of the ashes rose Blade, leader of the brut ...

Cover for Endworld: Armageddon Run

Endworld: Armageddon Run

THE TIME: 100 Years after World War III. THE PLACE: What used to be called America. THE ARMAGEDDON RUN: The battle-ravaged Alpha Triad, an elite fighting force dedicated to the res ...

Cover for Endworld: Denver Run

Endworld: Denver Run

The last vestige of civilization was under attack by a horde of savage fighters, determined to plunge the world into total darkness and ignorance. Undermanned, outgunned and overma ...